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tv   KTVU Channel Two News at 430am  FOX  September 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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system that will drop in on saturday. look at the lows. 67 in concord. livermore 66. hiward is in there. san jose as well. sfo66. it is a mild pattern. we will get a south wind in advance of that. already showing signs of that. so look for temperatures, the wind to pick up as well. it will be really mild. the cold air doesn't arrive. this system will slow down. cloudy, drizzle here. mild and muggy. there will be rain to the north. by this evening, it will move in toward mendocino county. and a lot of 70s by the coast. here is sal. we are looking at a commute that is doing well. as you mentioned there is wet roads because of that drizzle. you can see it in our pictures here. traffic is moderate though. still light coming in from the carquinez bridge to the mccarthur maze. at the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see traffic is light. i would give yourself an extra few minutes if you want to get into your routine.
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five minutes early, ten minutes early. highway 4 still looking good from antioch to concord. a nice looking drive. 4:30, let's go back to the desk. we begin with an update to a breaking news story we first reported on last nights 10:00 news. san jose police are looking for the person responsible for a triple shooting that killed two people and wounded the third victim. janine de la vega is live in south san jose with the new information she just learned. good morning. >> reporter: good morning brian. police just wrapped up their investigation out here. they rolled up their crime tape. crime scene technicians have worked here over night collecting evidence. trying to figure out what led up to this shooting inside of a home here. as far as we know, police have not arrested anyone just yet. let's go to video from earlier in the night. police were called to the neighborhood at 9:00 last night after someone inside the home called to say there had been a shooting when officers arrived they found two men inside suffering from at least one
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gunshot wound. they were pronounced dead at the scene. a woman there had also been shot. she was transported to the hospital and we're told her injuries are not life threatening. here's what an officer on scene told us. >> obviously somebody knows something. >> reporter: at this point police don't have a motive yet for this double homicide. we do know that the detectives are questioning several people back at the station. we foe that they do want to talk to that woman that is involved in this shooting that survived. they are trying to piece this together. at this point we do know it is the 27th and 28th homicide of the year. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. the city of san jose has won its latest pension battle with its employee unions. the san jose fire department will reduce pension benefits for all new hires under a final arbitration decision announced this week. mayor chuck reid says the change in the retirement plan
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will save san jose taxpayers millions of dollars. but the firefighters union says the cuts will lead to fewer job applicants. much in the same way recruitment has slowed for the police department. police in four bay area cities are investigating what they say could be a professional crime ring. it started with the arrest yesterday of two men accused of stealing cars from two san mateo car dealerships. besides san mateo, cars have also been stolen from high end dealerships in belmont, san jose, and santa clara. they are facing charges of vehicular manslaughter [ inaudible ]
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this same project calls for the construction of the largest skyscraper on the west coast. walnut creek police are asking for surveillance video to help solve a kidnapping case. a man with a gun approached a woman in the front yard of her home on muller road. he forced her to drive to the bank of america on main street and withdraw money. then they drove back to her neighborhood where the man got out of the car and ran away.
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>> we are asking residents that live in that area, the area of muller road, if anybody has any video that points to the street that may have seen this subject or anybody that was potentially one of his accomplices. >> police say the woman entered the bank and spoke with the teller but did not mention she was the victim of a crime. that is because the suspect probably threatened her life. some business owners in burlingame are calling on the city to lift a moratorium on new restaurants along broadway. it limits the numb of restaurants on broadway to just 28. it was just approved. many broadway merchants says the moratorium is hurting businesses. city council will review their complaints during a meeting next month. report out today on security breaches at u.s. companies might make shoppers a little nervous. 43% of american companies experience a security breach in
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the past year. that is up 10% from the previous year. while the networks of big name retailers like target and home depot were hacked, researchers found more than 80% of breaches involve employee negligence. workers giving out their pass words, losing a flash drive with confidential information, or leaving the door to the operation center open allowing a stranger to walk in. a uc davis graduate is stranded after being released from jail for a drug crime she says she didn't commit. 40-year-old stacy addison is a veterinarian that tours the world. the new passenger then stopped to collect a package which turned out to contain methamphetamine. addison was arrested for aiding drug traffickers. >> police searched me. they tested my urine. everything was negative so i
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thought okay i haven't done anything. i should be okay. by not. >> friends have created a facebook page to draw attention to her arrest. the l.a. dodgers can clinch the west division tonight by beating the giants. giants pitcher madison bumgarner hit pough in the first inning. both men screamed at each other causing the benches to clear. the giants can still make the play offs as a wild card team but they have lost center fielder angel pagan for the rest of the season. >> yeah. i guess it's been bothering him for quite some time. 4:38 is the time. offensive that puts students at a major advantage.
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the the big perk approved over night to boost enrollment in san francisco's newest school. >> but first as we like to say, it's something you have to see to believe. pumpkins that grow with scary faces. how one california farmer is making it all possible. >> good morning. right now traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area as we look at 24 westbound. coming up to the tunnel. we will tell you a little bit more about the drive times here and the east bay commute. >> our tropical pattern continues here. lows in the mid 60s. rain on the north coast.
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welcome back. it's 4:42. redwood city police on the look out for a suspect accused of punching a man and stealing his bike. police released these images from surveillance cameras. this is inside a convenient store. investigators say on july 21st, the suspect confronted
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the victim in the parking lot of the 7-len. the 33-year-old victim says he was punched in the face and knocked off his bike. the suspect headed east on the bike. the santa clara city council approved the commitment to opposing domestic violence. the resolution was proposed by the nonprofit group next door. that group has called for ray mcdonald to be benched while police investigate the domestic violence against him. contra costa county is one of four counties to receive a $2.6 million grant for domestic violence programs. antiviolence organization will partner with the county and police agencies to launch the new program. it will allow police to conduct immediate assessments meant to gauge an offenders likelihood.
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it will also help immediately connect victims with local services. the cal state university system is taking steps to provide more help for victims of sexual assault. cs ux s to hire independent victim advocates at all 23 campuses. they will work with students that have been sexually assaulted and provide them with rights about -- provide them with their rights under law. uc berkeley is installing new smart lights. the lights can sense what is happening in the room and then adjust heating and air conditioning. for example the lights can sense if the room is too hot or has gotten a little stuffy. workers say the lights detect when more people enter the room. >> yeah. you can see that. in the dormitory that we installed, you can see when the students moved in. >> pretty cool. the lights can send a signal to
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the ventilation system to find a problem and solve it. it's part of a bigger problem for the california institute of energy and environment. the improved efficiency is expected to save energy and money. medical e is proposing a -- pg&e is proposing a new rate structure. every user pay just to access the power grid. it would be an adissal $5-$10 a month. it would help lower the rates of people who use more energy because they are home all day such as senior citizens or stay at home moms. but many people at a p ux -- puc hearing were skeptical. >> so hard working families won't face the sector of high bills. >> what pg&e is trying to do here is relice the pie so -- reslice the pie so energy users, energy hogs pay less.
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and customers that use less would pay more. time is 4:45. bay area drivers heading to lake tahoe may have to take a long detour. that is because of a cal tran project called raise 80. one of the first would be the overpass in placer county. it was built in the 1960s. it doesn't meet standards. >> a lot of the command centers such as fema and office emergency services can't get under the structures that i have to detour around. >> now to do the work, cal trans is shutting down a major part of the freeway. there is a detour that takes drivers off i-80 at haines road and puts them back on the freeway at state route 20 in nevada county. that is a 56-mile detour.
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the freeway will be closed tuesday through thursday from 10:30 at night until can in the morning. the project is expected to take several weeks. i want to check in with sal. how is traffic? it looks bad. you may have noticed on your way in and steve will tell us about the drizzle. it might be effecting the roads. get out there and your car is a little wet. 24 it looks good. eight minute drive. not a bad commute right now. and public transit systems running right through here. bart looks pretty good. when you get to the city, muni is starting off on time. westbound bay bridge toll plaza not a bad commute at all. in fact, it's very light. taking about eight minutes to drive across this point. hercules to richmond 80 westbound it looks good. there are no major problems. we have one of the indicators
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pop up that there could be a problem. but for the most part, we don't have any slow traffic reported on this stretch. now 4:47 47 let's go to steve. crescent city reporting heavy rain. they picked up a bunch of rain. and we are getting a lot of reports of drizzle. >> and still a rag flag warning out for areas that are very warm. 66 hayward. 66 livermore. 60 oakland. everybody.
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even from santa rosa to san jose. and the water temps are just off the chart. when you go all the way up and find calistoga, healdsburg all in the 60s. and as the breeze is trying to kick off. it will be a little stronger later. bodega bay at 65 degrees. the south wind along the coast will help. that should help drop water temps. 64 ukiah. our system will slowly work its way down. rainfall projections have bumped up a little bit.
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now that is oaf the next couple of days. our cloud, rain forecast starts on the north coast. and then it will move in tonight. tomorrow morning is our best bet. but then the cooler air will come in behind that. a secondary system will set up into friday and saturday. and then it looks better on sunday. cloudy, drizzle. rain to the north later. lows to the north at 65-66. so the cold air has a ways to go. cloudy, drizzle. over night tonight tomorrow for us. ghost hunters, authors and fans will be gathering for a conference of paranormal activity. it will be a ghost investigation saturday night at
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the old benicia capitol building. it's the first time a paranormal investigation will be allowed inside the building. time is 4:50. call it a new form of jack lanterns. a parmer has grown pumpkins that looks like frankenstein. it has taken four years to come up with this. >> if it's too large you are condensing it. obviously if it's too small it won't fill the mold. and then you've got to throw in all the variables a mother nature. >> the farmer has fielded calls from as far away as the middle east. it sales for $75 wholesale. some are asking for $125 a pop. >> wow. which is one-time use for that
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pumpkin. a problem with a new iphone. coming up in the next half hour the major design flaw that has some users bent out of shape. >> they always tell you animals that attack during the day are sick or very, very hungry. >> and students ambushed by a wild animal at an elementary school. after the break how a teacher saved the day.
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as you can see a command center in india broke out in applause after the country successfully sent a satellite into the orbit around mars. the probe will take pictures of the planet, study its atmosphere. india overcame great odds. it launched the probe last november in the most inexpensive inner planetary missions ever. india spent $74 million in comparison a nasa satellite reached mars on monday at across of $671 million. a medevac plane was forced to make an emergency landing. the plane's nose landing gear wouldn't deploy. it haded to land on its belly. no one on the plane was hurt in the landing. an ambulance was called to take the patient to the hospital as previously scheduled. anyone traveling near san francisco international airport today may see what looks like
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an emergency but it's not. sfo is holding its annual emergency drill starting at 9:30 this morning. the exercise will simulate a boeing jet accident. emergency vehicles and workers will be on scene. smoke will be visible and volunteers will wear make up so they appear injured. this years drill will be the first to incorporate new recommendations from the ntsb in the wake of the asiana plane crash. a man that was stabbed in a fight has died. e.g.s in owe was walking to a house party with a group of friends when they encountered another group of men and a fight broke out. ray see low was stabbed several times and died at the hospital. two men have been arrested in connection to the attack. there is an arrest warrant out for the man that police believe was the last person to see a missing university
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student. graham has been missing since september 13th after attending an off campus party. matthew was last seen on saturday when he stopped by a police station to ask for a lawyer. police say he sped away losing officers who had him under surveillance. a seven-year-old boy in east windsor, connecticut is okay after being attacked by a fox. a fox darted out of the woods and bit the kid twice and several of his classmates. a teacher jumped into action and pulled the fox off whist ky. >> that is my student. i would do anything for my student. >> we were playing this game and i was running around and
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this fox just came out after me. >> poor kid. the teacher was slightly injured when she grappled with the fox but she is fine now. >> danger in the dog park. a potentially deadly threat to pets that has owners on high alert. >> new warning from homeland security. find out what the agency wants you to be on the lookout for following u.s. air strikes in syria.
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we are live in san jose
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where police are investigating a double homicide. we will tell you the new information we learned about this deadly encounter. >> i was just concerned. i can't want him to be injured. i didn't want anyone else to be injured. >> it's happening again. this time in a different bay area city. the suspicious treats found in a santa rosa dog park making owners very nervous. >> it's a brand new school but district officials worry that students will be scared off by the neighborhood it sits in. find out how the school board plans to boost student enrollment. >> the clouds are in place. it's really warm. but the rain is still aways away. we'll talk about that and how much it's expected to fall in the bay area. good morning. we are live in san jose today. that is where two men were killed. a woman was injured in a shooting last night. police just left the scene in the past


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